Starline 30-30 Winchester Brass

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Starline 30-30 Winchester Brass

Introduced in the early part of 1895, the .30-30 found its first use with the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. This special cartridge marked the United States’ initial step into creating a smaller-bore, sporting rifle ammunition tailored for smokeless powder. The bullets for the .30-30, covered with a protective jacket, have a diameter of about .308 inches. Additionally, there’s a popular alternative in the form of cast lead bullets, slightly larger at around .309 inches in diameter.

Regarded as the starting point in the realm of modern big-game hunting cartridges, the .30-30 serves as an entry-level option. Its effectiveness shines when taking down animals like deer and black bears. However, it’s important to note that most off-the-shelf loadings are best suited for distances of around 200 yards, particularly when hunting these types of game. Yet, with specialized ballistic-tip ammunition, this range can be extended. The typical .30-30 cartridge gets loaded with bullets weighing between 150 and 170 grains, though lighter loads are also feasible. While it’s possible to go up to 180 grains, it’s worth considering that lever-action rifles, commonly chambered for this caliber, impose restrictions due to their design limitations.

OAL:  2.027″ – 2.033″

*  This is NOT loaded or primed ammunition *

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30-30 Win

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Large Rifle







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50, 100, 250, 500, 1000

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