Order Tracking


Additional Information

Orders are currently taking up to 4 days to depart our facility.  If it’s not yet been 4 business days since you placed your order, please check back later.

If after 5 business days, your package is not updating in the postal system, please first complete a missing mail search.  If after 5 business days your package is still not updating, contact us with the missing mail search identification number.  Please understand there’s little we can do while your package is in possession of the USPS.  The information provided by USPS in tracking is the same information we have access to as a merchant.

Missing Mail Search Link

Rest assured, your purchase is secured with us.  The USPS considers packages lost after 30 calendar days.  USPS Priority Mail, while advertised by USPS as a 1-3 day delivery service, is not a guaranteed service.  We have seen packages delivered on the 30th day, and therefore it’s our policy to refund or reship orders which have not been delivered at the 30 day mark.  If you believe your package is lost prior to the 30th day, you have the option of waiting, or placing a new order.  If chosing to place a new order, you assume the risk of the your first order being delivered.  In this scenario you are responsible for returning the items to us at your cost.  Once received by us, the refunded amount is less original shipping costs, however we waive the 10% restocking fee.  Otherwise, if your first package is not delivered after 30 days, we’ll fully refund your purchase.