AR-15 Handguards

The SOLUS line was designed and built around the core belief that equipment should not be the marksman’s limiting factor under any use case.


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AR-15 Handguards

Enhance the ergonomics, functionality, and aesthetics of your AR-15 with top-tier handguards from Arm or Ally, featuring renowned brands like Aero Precision. Our meticulously curated collection of AR-15 handguards brings innovation and precision to the forefront, allowing you to customize your rifle with confidence.

At the heart of our selection is Aero Precision, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability in the firearms industry. The Aero Precision handguards available at Arm or Ally provide a perfect blend of form and function. Crafted with precision machining and attention to detail, these handguards offer a solid platform for mounting accessories, improving grip, and ensuring optimal performance.

Whether you prefer a classic M4-style handguard, a sleek free-floating design, or a modular rail system, Aero Precision delivers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences. The handguards are designed to be lightweight yet durable, striking the right balance between strength and maneuverability.

Aero Precision’s commitment to excellence extends to their handguard lineup, ensuring compatibility with various barrel profiles and gas systems. The ease of installation and user-friendly features make these handguards suitable for both novice builders and seasoned enthusiasts.

Experience the freedom to customize your AR-15 exactly the way you envision it. With Aero Precision handguards from Arm or Ally, you not only elevate the visual appeal of your rifle but also enhance its overall performance. Whether you’re building a new AR-15 or upgrading an existing one, trust in the reliability and innovation that Aero Precision brings to the table.

Step into the world of precision craftsmanship and elevate your shooting experience with Aero Precision handguards, available at Arm or Ally.