AR-9 Upper Parts

The SOLUS line was designed and built around the core belief that equipment should not be the marksman’s limiting factor under any use case.
AR-9 Upper Parts



We get it, it is intimidating to start your first build. Between the different lengths, calibers and configurations, the options are endless. We're here to help!



AR-9 Upper Parts

Embark on an unparalleled journey of precision and customization with AR-9 Upper Parts from Arm or Ally, where top-tier craftsmanship meets cutting-edge functionality. Our extensive collection caters to every aspect of your AR-9 build, showcasing premium components from Aero Precision, Battlearms Development, and Matador Arms.

Dive into the heart of your AR-9’s performance with our carefully curated selection of Bolt Carrier Groups. Brands like Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, and Faxon ensure that these critical components, crafted with precision and reliability, form the backbone of your AR-9, guaranteeing seamless operation and enduring durability.

Elevate your charging experience with Charging Handles designed for swift and reliable operation. Options from Aero Precision, Radian Weapons, and Battle Arms Development provide control and efficiency during intense shooting sessions, ensuring your AR-9 is always ready for action.

Explore innovation and efficiency with Gas Systems that optimize your AR-9’s function. Superlative Arms, Aero Precision, Ballistic Advantage, and Faxon deliver gas regulation excellence, providing a smoother shooting experience and enhancing overall performance.

Achieve superior recoil control and accuracy with Muzzle Devices from Aero Precision, VCG, and Faxon. These components, meticulously engineered, minimize muzzle rise and recoil, allowing you to maintain precise control shot after shot.

Customize your AR-9 to exceed expectations with Small Parts and Accessories from renowned brands such as Magpul, Rise Armament, Aero Precision, Mission First Tactical, Toolcraft, and Radian Weapons. From slings to small parts kits, this collection ensures your AR-9 is not only functional but also aesthetically exceptional.

Enhance your target acquisition with precision Sights from Holosun and Magpul. These reliable sights are designed to maintain accuracy in various shooting conditions, ensuring your AR-9 is ready for any scenario.

Secure your optics with precision and stability using Scope Mounts from Aero Precision. Engineered to withstand the rigors of shooting, these mounts provide a solid foundation for your optics, completing the comprehensive range of AR-9 Upper Parts at Arm or Ally. Explore the possibilities, customize your build, and elevate your shooting experience to new heights with our exceptional collection.