Starline 260 Remington Brass

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Starline 260 Remington Brass 

Introduced in 1997, the .260 Remington is another wildcat turned commercial cartridge. Utilizing a 6.5mm (.264″) diameter bullet, the .260 has much less recoil than its .308 parent case but shoots much flatter. This has made it very popular in many shooting sports and an excellent choice for hunting in much of the U.S.

** As with all commercialized wildcat cartridges, minor variations in Pre-SAAMI chambers may not headspace properly or may have clearance issues with SAAMI spec brass; 6.5-08, **6.5-08 A-Square

*  This is NOT loaded or primed ammunition *

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270 Win



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New Brass


100ct, 250ct, 500ct, 1000ct

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Large Rifle



Made in USA


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