Processed Lake City 223 Brass

Deprimed, Swaged, FL Resized, Trimmed, Cleaned and Polished. Ready to Load!

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Processed Lake City 223 Brass

Ready to Load!

Processed Lake City 223 brass, MILSPEC 5.56×45 brass, once-fired and fully reconditioned to SAAMI 223 Remington specification. Lake City 223 brass is originally manufactured here in the U.S.A; it’s thick-walled, tough, and makes great hand loads. Under normal conditions and with annealing at the proper intervals, you can expect four to eight reloads per cartridge. We source brass directly from our Armed Forces and are glad to put it back into the hands of shooters across the country. This is the brass we trust in our rifles. It works in all platforms, including bolt actions, and AR-15.

This processed 223 brass comes ready to reload straight out of the bag and requires no additional resizing, trimming, or swaging. We recommend lightly chamfer the case mouth for ease seating your projectiles. Our processed 223 brass is also a great starting point for the reloader who wants to perform a final match prep. Keep your costs down, and save over 50% when buying our brass compared to new Hornady brass. We fill orders to 101% (extra 10 cases per 1000) and package them in a sealed, heavy-duty, retail-quality bag perfect for long-term storage.

Lastly, Are you wondering if this is a machine gun fired? The short answer is: Don’t worry. There is no way to know exactly which weapon system was used. The U.S. Military has several weapon systems which use the 5.56 NATO cartridge. We have processed hundreds of thousands of NATO 5.56 brass, and here to say the old wives tale about machine-gun-fired brass is no good is a myth – we speak from experience.

Processed by Veterans!

* Very small amounts of other NATO headstamps may be present. We can not guarantee 100% Lake City Headstamp.

**This is NOT loaded ammunition**

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Once Fired – Military, Once Fired – Processed


223 Rem

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Lake City




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Before MAKING your purchase, please carefully review the information below.

This brass is sold as USED and RECONDITIONED and may contain cartridges from various manufacturers, including commercial and military headstamps, as specified in the product description.  Our processed brass undergoes a thorough and rigorous inspection to ensure a reliable and high-quality finished product.  Our process includes removing all steel and aluminum casings if present, pressure checking, depriming, reaming/swaging, roll and full-length resizing, trimming (bottleneck cartridges), and final cleaning and polishing.


Before MAKING your purchase, please carefully review the information below.
This brass is direct from OUTDOOR military firing ranges, is sold as USED, RAW, DIRTY, and may contain stained or other cases unsuitable for reloading. During our packaging process, we magnetically and visually screen each order and remove any debris, steel or noticeably damaged cases, and blanks; however, this does NOT guarantee your order will be free of these items.  Orders are filled to 101% by weight (approximately ten extra per 1000).  If you have specific concerns, contact us before purchasing, as we do not send replacements or issue refunds for unusable cases.

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