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Once Fired 45 ACP Brass

Looking for high quality once fired brass for you favorite 1911 pistol or handgun? Rounding out our top 4 bulk brass calibers, our once fired .45 ACP brass originates from indoor ranges and cleans up with just a little tumbling.  Our 45 ACP brass is offered in several primer size variations: mixed large/small, large only, or small only.  Orders will contain no steel and/or aluminum cases, and your order will contain all brass; no nickel cases unless specific variation is selected. (Nickle brass is most always large primer variety)   The brass is mixed commercial headstamp, packaged in 500 count bags, and measured with scales that count by quantity as well as weight. To ensure you receive adequate reloadable brass, we include extras just in case our sorter’s oversight.

In order to sort primer sizes, our machines must deprime the brass first.  This is great for those who love to wet tumble brass clean before re-sizing.

Our 45 ACP brass is shipped via the USPS in flat rate boxes and we already figured out the maximum amount of brass each box will hold to help maximize your order and reduce your cost per case.

Ever wonder how many once fired 45 ACP brass cases are in a pound, we estimate it to be 78 depending on mix of brands.

Take advantage of our extensive list of once fired brass and bulk bullets to maximize your shipping boxes. Mix and match and our website will calculate the shipping costs for you.   We always check the shipping rates for errors so please note that we refund money if we can figure out a better box for your order.

Looking for processed 45 ACP brass in order to save time? Head over to our sister site at Texas Brassworks for the best in processed brass.


  • 45 ACP

  • Unprocessed / Uncleaned brass

  • Mixed Commercial Headstamp

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Always Sourced From an Indoor Range


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A

Once Fired


45 ACP

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Brass Type

Once Fired – Commercial

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