Once Fired 10mm Brass


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Once Fired 10mm Brass

We also offer new Starline 10mm Brass at great pricing.

High quality once fired 10mm brass.  Arm or Ally sources this brass from indoor ranges only.  The brass is mixed commercial headstamp and spends very little time on the ground.  All our 10mm brass is hand inspected for culls and defects.

Although it has not been processed and because the brass originates from an indoor range, it cleans up with little effort.  If you prefer for us to clean your brass, just let us know.  We charge a small fee to do so and it will save you time.  This allows the reloader to devote more time to making ammo and not cleaning brass.  Our once fired 10mm brass does contain some nickel cases.  We always provide extra once fired 10mm brass cases in each order.  Orders are filled to 101% by weight, bagged, and shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate Box. The brass is available in 250, 500, and 1000 piece orders.  Remember to fill the flat rate box to maximize your per unit cost.

We offer a fine selection of other once fired calibers as well as bulk bullets.  If you do not see a bulk bullet that you need, please let us know.  We offer some of the best prices online for bullets and will be happy to pass the savings on to you for special orders.

  • 10mm Auto

  • Brass cases only, nickel available upon request.

  • Unprocessed / Not cleaned

  • Mixed Commercial Headstamp

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Hand sorted to reduce culls.

  • Sourced from an Indoor Range



Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A



Once Fired

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Brass Type

Once Fired – Commercial

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