Lake City 556 (.223)


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Lake City 556 (.223)  

300 BLK Processors:  We sometimes have blanks and brass with damaged necks available.  See the options below.  Please be advised, damaged brass may include brass not suitable for 300BLK processing.  We do our best to screen those cases during our sorting process, therefore we price this accordingly.

*Also, when available, we offer mixed military headstamp brass in 1000ct quantities.  Headstamps include military contract LC, TAA, and WCC.  

Genuine Lake City 556 (5.56×45 NATO) / (.223 Remington) brass is true once fired, MILSPEC, thick-walled and sourced directly from the U.S. Military.  Our Current stock of Lake City 556 appears to be 100% Lake City Brass, however, it MAY contain other military contracted headstamps.  Lake City is a popular, reliable brass, capable of many reloads under the right conditions.  They’re inexpensive and your AR15 will love them! We magnetically screen our brass to remove any steel cases.  We include a 1% overage to account for any damaged brass.  Lake City brass has crimped primers and will need to be swaged prior to inserting a new primer.  Orders are bagged and shipped in a reinforced USPS Priority 2-3 Day.

**Notice: This brass is direct from OUTDOOR military firing ranges, is sold as RAW, DIRTY and may contain stained or other cases unsuitable for reloading. During our packaging process we magnetically and visually screen each order and remove any debris, steel or noticeably damaged cases, and blanks, however this does NOT guarantee your order will be free of these items.  Orders are filled to 101% by weight (approximately 10 extra per 1000).

Our quantities are set to maximize all useable box space.

  • Lake City 556 / Lake City 5.56×45 NATO / .223 Remington

  • Boxer Primed

  • Unprocessed / Dirty

  • Lake City Head Stamp*

  • Orders filled to 101%

  • Direct from U.S. Military




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5.56 NATO


Once Fired

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Once Fired – Military

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