Killer Innovations Velocity V2 Slide for Glock 19, Gen 5


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Killer Innovations Velocity V2 Slide for Glock 19, Gen 5

Introducing the Velocity V2 Slide for Glock, the ultimate platform for customizing your Glock pistol. Whether you’re a seasoned modifier or just starting your journey into custom builds, this slide is the perfect starting point. The Velocity V2 slide offers a unique feature with its windowless design, catering to the preferences of many shooters. It retains the functional forward and rear E.G.F. cuts, which provide an enhanced grip for improved control and help prevent debris from infiltrating the slide, ensuring a dependable performance, no matter your adventure.

So, why choose the Velocity slide? This lightweight, high-quality upgrade for your OEM Glock slide features a dual cut optic pattern, allowing you to mount optics like the RMR or Delta Point Pro without additional mounting plates. But what sets this slide apart are the E.G.F. Cuts, or “enhanced grip feature” cuts, revolutionizing how you rack your firearm. These cuts create a solid wall for you to push against when cycling the slide, offering a superior grip at both the front and back of the slide. Whether you prefer traditional serrations or E.G.F. Cuts, you’ll always have the perfect grip you need for a customized shooting experience like no other. Elevate your Glock to new heights with the Velocity V2 Slide – your gateway to the world of customization.


  • Velocity V2 Slide
  • Optics Cover Plate
  • Cover Plate Mounting Screws (Blue)
  • RMR Shim (Black)

***Due to differences in metal composition and finishing processes, Killer Innovations cannot guarantee exact color matches among their accessories.***

Product Information


Killer Innovations






17-4 Stainless Steel


Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC), Molecular Dense Coating


Black, Grey

Optics Cut

Leupold – Delta Point Pro, Trijicon – RMR


G19, Gen 5

Made in USA




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