Hornady 50 Cal 750gr A-Max Bullets

Hornady 50 Cal 750gr A-Max Bullets

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Hornady 50 Cal 750gr A-Max Bullets

20ct Factory Box

Hornady 50 Cal 750gr A-Max Bullets are considered one of the most technologically advanced bullets ever made. For unrivaled high ballistic coefficient for almost perfect flight, these bullets have an aerodynamic secant ogive profile, concentricity, and sharp pointed tip. This bullet from tip to base is engineered to enhance performance.  The design of the 50 Cal 750gr A-MAX bullet was the result of other bullets being studied for more than 50 years. Taking into account every detail, A-MAX Rifle Bullets were made to near perfection. The Advanced Manufacturing Process jacket technology along with a precision swaged lead core makes this bullet a top choice.  The low drag tip increases the BC and balances the center of gravity.  When you need deadly reliable ammo, trust Hornady 50 Cal 750gr A-Max bullets for your big 50 reloads!

Arm or Ally offers true once-fired MILSPEC 50 BMG brass direct from U.S. Military Installations.   We also offer new Lapua 50 BMG Brass for the most discerning shooter.


Product Information

  • Manufacturer:  Hornady
  • SKU:  5165
  • Caliber: 50 Cal | 50 BMG
  • Diameter: 0.510
  • Weight: 750gr
  • Sectional Density:  0.412
  • Ballistic Coefficient:  1.050
  • Style: A-Max | Boat Tail
  • Quantity:  20 per box
  • MSRP:  $60.87

*This is Not Loaded Ammunition*

Additional information

Weight 18.80045714 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 3 × 1.25 in
Bullet Style



.510, 50 BMG

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