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When it comes to gas blocks and piston conversion kits, there’s none better than what Tony Russo of Superlative Arms has developed and made available for the AR platform.  Superlative Arms, while a relatively new company (2013) has a 30-year background in the Aerospace and Manufacturing industry.  Superlative Arms direct impingement gas blocks feature a patented “Bleed Off” design. Where traditional standard and adjustable gas blocks vent excess gas either back toward the operator or through the muzzle, the Sup Arms block vents the excess gas forward from the gas block, into the atmosphere.  This change in design extends the overall life of the gas block internals, reduces recoil and gas block of choice for many suppressed ARs.

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Sup Arms blocks and piston conversion kits feature 30-clickable settings to both customize and optimize the way your firearm cycles with your specific load.  If you’re routinely swapping between loads, suppressed, / non-suppressed, you can quickly and confidently change to a setting you’ve determined functions best.  In the Superlative design, the adjustment screw is not the mechanism restricting the gas flow as with traditional adjustable blocks.  The Sup Arms design negates the “flame cutting” which takes place, which slowly erodes the adjustment screw; over time, this erosion will require additional tuning to optimize performance.


All Superlative Arms Blocks bought at Arm or Ally include an extended length hex key allowing adjustment underneath most handguards.

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