VihtaVuori N350

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VihtaVuori N350

ÉyouÕve got to ask yourself one question: ÒDo I feel lucky?Ó

We think that even Dirty Harry himself possibly used Vihtavuori N350 in his famous .44 Rem Mag, when looking at his infallible shooting accuracy!

Vihtavuori N350 is the slowest in the N300 series of handgun powders. It is ideal for very heavy loadings and top velocities and energies for a broad range of pistol and revolver cartridges. The grain size (1,0 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter) is exactly the same than N320, N330 and N340; it is the porosity of the powder that makes all the difference in burning characteristics. N350 is very well suited to loading powerful rounds for example in calibers 9 mm Luger, 10 mm AUTO and .45 ACP. With the slow burning speed, it is ideal for very heavy and top end velocities and energies for a broad range of pistol and revolver cartridges. N350 is widely used in pistol shooting and especially in practical shooting.

Reloading tips from our Pros for using N350
Try this powder to loading powerful rounds such as the 10 mm and heavy loads in the .45 ACP
Delivers superb accuracy and velocity in 9 mm Luger when using maximum loads
N350 is available in 0,5 kg and 2 kg containers and in the USA in 1 lbs and 4 lbs containers.

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