Starline 450 Bushmaster Brass

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Starline 450 Bushmaster Brass

Starline 450 Bushmaster Brass starts with consistent metallurgy, precise tooling, tight quality control, and 30-plus years of experience. 100% of Starline 450 Bushmaster brass is guaranteed to have flash hole presence and to be of the correct length and diameter. Unlike some competitors, Starline’s brass is vertically drawn, effectively minimizing wall thickness variation. The 450 Bushmaster was designed as a close-range, big bore hunting caliber for the AR-15 platform. As with most AR cartridge conversions, it only requires swapping out the upper receiver. With the introduction of some new bolt action rifles in this caliber and many states changing game laws allowing straight-wall cartridges for deer hunting, the .450 Bushmaster is enjoying a surge in popularity. Ruger now offers their American Ranch and Gunsite Scout bolt action rifles chambered in the .450 Bushmaster caliber. This cartridge utilizes the common .452″ diameter bullet, reloaders can use bullet weights anywhere from 160-350+ grains. When it comes to selecting the best in 450 Bushmaster brass, choose Starline for your reloading needs.

OAL: 1.693″ – 1.697″

* This is NOT loaded or primed ammunition *

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450 Bushmaster



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New Brass

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Small Rifle



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