Processed 40 S&W Brass

Ready to Load, Processed 40 S&W Brass
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Processed 40 S&W Brass

Roll-sized AND Full Length Resized

High quality, once fired, fully processed 40 S&W Brass. This brass is a mixed commercial headstamp and was initially collected from mainly indoor ranges.  A small amount of nickel cases could be present. Save your time, as we have done the hard work for you. Cartridges come deprimed, roll & FL resized, inspected, and spot-checked in L.E Wilson and Dillon case gauges. It comes ready to reload straight out of the bag. Spend more time making ammo, not cleaning and processing your brass. This brass may contain a small number of nickel cases. All orders include an additional 1% to ensure a good count.  Available in quantities of 500, 1000, 2500, and 4000.

** This is NOT loaded ammunition **

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40 S&W

Component Type



Processed, Reconditioned




Indoor, Outdoor


500ct, 1000ct, 2500ct, 4000ct


Before MAKING your purchase, please carefully review the information below.

This brass is sold as USED and RECONDITIONED and may contain cartridges from various manufacturers, including commercial and military headstamps, as specified in the product description.  Our processed brass undergoes a thorough and rigorous inspection to ensure a reliable and high-quality finished product.  Our process includes removing all steel and aluminum casings if present, pressure checking, depriming, reaming/swaging, roll and full-length resizing, trimming (bottleneck cartridges), and final cleaning and polishing.

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