Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm Bullets (.277 Diameter)


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Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm Bullets

For applications where shots will range from zero to 400-500 yards, Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm Bullets are an excellent choice. For applications where shot distances are beyond 500 yards, the higher Ballistic Coefficient and the enhanced expansion characteristics of the Accubond Long Range Bullet offers significant advantages.

Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm Bullets are for the serious hunter. Because the Accubond has an exclusive bonding process, it doesn’t have voids in the bullet core. This style bullet uses Nosler’s special copper alloy jacket and retains its weight with minimal barrel fouling. Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm bullets have a solid base and a signature white polymer tip. The polymer tip resists deforming, and the solid base results in impressive mushrooming on impact.

So try a box of the Nosler Accubond 100gr 6.8mm bullets today and experience the?top tier hunting standard. ?Furthermore,?Arm or Ally is an Authorized Distributor of Nosler Products . Our bulk shipping program gives you the most for the least amount of money. ?Please email us prior to placing your order if you?want factory boxes. ??We will quote you the proper shipping rate prior to purchasing.

For the most discerning shooter, consider pairing the Nosler Accubond bullet with new brass by Lapua ; we may even have the caliber you are looking for in our once fired brass section. Lastly, if you need a high quality target bullet, check out Nosler Custom?Competition bullets. Keep your costs down while practicing for the big hunt!

Technical Information

Manufacturer: Nosler
Caliber: 6.8mm??| .277
Grain: 100 grain
Type: Spitzer
Diameter: 0.277
Overall Length: 1.050″
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.323
Sectional? Density: 0.186
MSRP: $31.30


Weight 13.18857143 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 2 in
Bullet Style

Accubond, Ballistic Tip (BT), Spitzer


270 Cal, 6.8mm

Component Type










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