Nosler 30 Caliber 110gr Varmageddon


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Nosler 30 Caliber 110gr Varmageddon

The new Nosler 30 Caliber 110gr Varmageddon bullet. Built upon bullets such as the ever popular Partition, and the Solid Base, Nosler has continuously proven its ability to produce technologically advanced, deadly bullets and ammunition. Featuring either a hollow point or a metallic black polymer tip. The flat based Varmageddon bullets are designed for maximum accuracy and instantaneous fragmentation upon impact. The ultra thin jacket mouth ensures violent expansion at either end of the velocity scale. While the uniformed gradual thickening of the jacket of the bullets mid-section keeps the 110gr Varmageddon bullet together until impact at any velocity. So, For the perfect combination of deadly performance and Noslers proven accuracy, try Varmageddon varmint bullets and experience the new performance standard. Specifically designed to be the end of the world for any varmint in its path.

Also, if you are a looking for a bullet for your 300 BLK loads, the Nosler 30 Caliber 110gr Varmageddon performs quite well, is economic and a customer favorite.

Lastly, if you are in need of 300BLK brass, Texas Brassworks has fully processed, ready to load 300 BLK. Because spending time on the range is always better than processing brass.

Technical Information

Part# 34057
Manufacturer: Nosler
Caliber: 30 Caliber | .30 Caliber
Grain: 110 grain
Type: Flat Based | Black Polymer Tipped
Diameter: 0.308
Overall Length: 0.920″
Ballistic Coefficient: 0.293
Sectional? Density: 0.166
MSRP: $28.00




Weight 26.42 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 2 in




Bullet Style

Ballistic Tip (BT)


30 Caliber

Component Type






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