JP Rifles Reduced Power JPS3.5T AR-15 Spring Kit


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JP Rifles Reduced Power JPS3.5T AR-15 Spring Kit

The JPS3.5T spring kit will yield a 3.5-4.0 lb. trigger pull with JP Fire Control parts. This kit is intended for use with JP trigger parts and will not necessarily yield substantial change on standard AR-15 trigger components. .  The JPS3.5T can also be used with properly prepared Mil-spec trigger/hammer components and a good anti-seize grease to achieve a usable 4- to 5-lb. trigger.  The standard trigger and hammer are made of 8620 alloy steel with a case-hardened surface that is over 60R in hardness.  However, this hard outer layer is very thin, and no change in the geometry of the sear surface or hammer notch is possible without cutting through to the inner ductile core of the parts.  Once you cut through the hard case, the parts are of no use.

If after the installation you require further trigger improvement, order the JP Fire Control Kit for a true professional quality 3-lb. single-stage trigger.  Another great upgrade for your AR-15 is the JP Silent Captured Spring or any other selection of Bolt Carriers that we offer.

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Manufacturer:  JP Enterprises Inc.
Item #:  JPS3.5T
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Lower Receiver Parts, Trigger



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