Jagemann 10mm -100ct New Unprimed Brass


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Jagemann 10mm – New Unprimed Brass

Sold in 100ct Bags

Ideal for hunting game at medium range and well-suited for tactical defense, the Jagemann 10mm Automatic packs exceptional power that rivals the average .357 Magnum round, providing the shooter with a greater range and flatter flight trajectory. Often known as a caliber with a niche following, the 10mm Automatic remains the choice caliber amongst several U.S. law enforcement agencies.

Drawn from American-made premium brass cups, each Jagemann 10mm casing undergoes rigorous in-line and post-production quality assurance testing to ensure a flawless casing of unparalleled durability and dependability.

Standard casing dimensions and tolerances have been modified to achieve maximum performance. Tighter dimensional tolerances guarantee a properly seated bullet and ensure successful firing each time the trigger is pulled. By maintaining military/match specs, we provide the shooter with a precision product touting exceptional consistency. A product that thrives in an environment where it’s the first shot that counts.

Technical Information

  • Manufacturer:  Jagemann Technologies
  • Caliber:  10mm Auto
  • Neck Diameter:  .421 in
  • Base Diameter:  .426 in
  • Rim Diameter:  .427 in
  • Rim Thickness:  .055 in
  • Case Length:  .992 in
  • Primer Type:  Large Pistol
  • Max Pressure:  37,500 psi
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 7 in






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Brass Type

New Brass

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