Faxon Ultra Low Profile Gas Block 625

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Faxon Ultra Low Profile Gas Block 625

100% Made in the U.S.A!

Faxon Ultra Low Profile Gas Block 625 is perfect for any rail system. These ultra low profile .625″ gas blocks are the ideal companion for Faxon Firearms (or any other) barrels with a standard ?diameter gas journal. Made from high-strength steel. Faxon gas blocks are a matching black luster to?their barrels.

For lightweight builds, the block is drilled through the middle of the profile. The gas block clamps on to the barrel using 3 allen keys on the bottom of the block.

*Faxon Firearms highly recommends the use of Loc-Tite or similar thread-locking compounds. Gas blocks will get very hot, so pick a compound according to your intended use of the firearm. Gas block does not include the gas tube roll pin. Gas tube roll pins are packaged?with gas tubes.

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SKU#: GB-LP-625-3
Barrel Compatibility: .625″
Weight: 1.12 oz
Width: 1.00″
Height: ~1 & 7/32″
Mounting: 3 Screws (Allen Key interface)

Product Information

Part Type

Small Parts, Upper Receiver Parts

Made in USA




Coating Type

Black Nitride

Gas Block Diameter



Standard AR15 components



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