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CMC Two Stage AR Trigger

91502 / 91504 / 92502 / 92504

The CMC Two Stage AR drop-in match-grade trigger features a non-adjustable trigger bow and a crisp glass-like break. CMC Two Stage AR Triggers have almost no take-up and extremely short reset to make follow-up shots fast and easy. The hammer is lightened and uses a high-power Rocket Wire spring, ensuring commercial and surplus ammunition reliability. The high-power spring also results in minimal lock time when the hammer falls and strikes the primer, resulting in much more accurate shots.

WHAT IS A TWO-STAGE TRIGGER? – Two-stage triggers require the shooter to pull the trigger until it hits a break wall, which is a stopping point between the first and second stages. Similar to taking up the slack as some people call it, the two-stage trigger breaks during the second stage after hitting the break wall. The benefit of a two-stage trigger is that the shooter knows at precisely what point the trigger will break and is usually preferred on a DMR or marksman-style bench-rest rifle.

Available in flat or curved trigger bows and various pull-weights, and compatible with MIL-SPECT AR15 and AR10 style rifles.  Includes CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set.


  • Two Stage Match Trigger
  • Available Pull Weights: 1lb-3lb, 2lb-2lb, 2lb-3lb, 2lb-4lb, 2lb-5lb
  • Ultra-crisp trigger with no feel of creep before hammer release
  • The trigger has a glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
  • Trigger pull is factory pre-set and not user adjustable
  • Positive trigger reset allows quick follow-up shots
  • Hand assembled, and hand tested
  • Self-contained one-piece assembly
  • Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and S7 Tool Steel with machined tolerances of +/- .001″

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Product Information




AR10, AR15

Trigger Shoe

Curved, Flat

Pull Weight

1lb / 3lb, 2lb / 2lb, 2lb / 3lb, 2lb / 4lb, 2lb / 5lb

Trigger Type

Drop In, Two Stage

Pin Size

0.154 (Small Pin)

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