CMC Single Stage Combat Curve Trigger (CCT™)


CMC CCT 91701

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CMC Single Stage Combat Curve Trigger (CCT™)

91501 / 91503

The CMC Single Stage Combat Curve Trigger (CCT™) is a hybrid drop-in trigger combining the comfort of a standard curved trigger and indexing of a flat trigger, resulting in consistent finger placement.  The CMC CCT features a non-adjustable 3.5lb ultra-crisp glass-like break with almost no take-up and extremely short reset for fast follow up shots.  The high-power spring also results in minimal lock time, which is the time it takes for the hammer to fall and strike the primer, resulting in much more accurate shots. CMC Triggers have invested in a new production and tooling setup that incorporates advanced techniques helping to reduce manufacture time and cost while still providing you with an affordable, high quality and reliable trigger.

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Installation Instructions


  • Single Stage Match Trigger
  • Available Pull Weights: 3.5
  • Ultra-crisp trigger with no feel of creep prior to hammer release
  • The trigger has a glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
  • Minimal lock time is designed into the assembly using controlled hammer weight and balance activated by a rocket wire hammer spring, assuring repeatable function with either commercial or military grade ammunition
  • Trigger pull is factory pre-set and not user adjustable
  • Positive trigger reset allows a quick follow up shot on target
  • Hand-assembled, and hand tested
  • Totally self-contained one-piece assembly
  • Comes with CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set
  • Fits MIL-SPEC AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles
  • Made from 8620 Alloy Steel and S7 Tool Steel with machined tolerances of +/– .001″


Product Information

Manufacturer:  CMC Triggers
Model: CMC CCT
SKU:  91701
Style:  Drop-in
Type: Single Stage
Shoe Type: Combat Curve (Hybrid)
Pin Size: 0.154 MilSpec
Platform: AR-15 | AR-10
Pull: 3.5 lb
Adjustable: No
MSRP:  $195.99

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 in



AR10, AR15

Trigger Shoe

Curved, Flat

Pull Weight


Pin Size

0.154 (Small Pin)

Trigger Type

Single Stage

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