ATA19 Match Grade Non-Threaded Elite Series Barrel For Glock® 19


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ATA19 Match Grade Non-Threaded Elite Series Barrel For Glock® 19

By American Tactical Arms

Our ATA19 Elite Series of barrels are Match Grade and expertly CNC Machined from American 416R Stainless Steel. When designing our Elite Series of barrels, a compromise was something we would not tolerate. Most barrels on the market begin their journey with a long, cylinder piece of stainless steel. As the steel bar is shipped, gravity acts to create a slight bend in the structure. Once the bar arrives at the facility, a large drill runs through the center, hollowing out the steel bar. Using a high pressured, push-button style rifling process, the twist rate is then added to the bar with one swift pull. The rifled steel is then cut into individual barrel blanks. Because of the slight bend in the bar, the drill cannot create a cavity that lies perfectly center and true through the entire steel bar. The high pressured push-button process also strains the steel. The final product creates subpar barrel blanks, all of which vary in concentricity. These blanks are then milled into the manufactures design.

How are we different? Here at American Tactical Arms, we take the time to create each barrel blank individually – one by one. Like most manufacturers, we start with a long bar of bendy steel. However, we cut the steel into individual units before hollowing it out. Each unit is then individually drilled with respect to the center point; ensuring that each bar is perfectly concentric and true. Once we have a perfectly concentric unit, we add the rifling delicately and precisely using a broaching technique. This allows us to shave off a hair of material at a time with each stroke. After multiple pull-throughs, we finally get a strain-free, perfectly true barrel blank. This creates the perfect canvas for our high-quality, match-grade barrels (our Elite Series), ready to enhance the performance of your Glock® 19 or Polymer 80 build.

Product Information

Barrel Finish

Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)





Coating Type

Black Nitride, PVD


G19, Gen 3

Made in USA



American Tactical Arms


416R Stainless





Twist Rate



Standard, Fluted, Fluted & Ported

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