7.62×39 Brass | AK-47 Brass

7.62×39 Brass | AK-47 Brass

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7.62 x 39 Brass AK-47


Our 7.62×39 brass is once fired rifle brass for your AK-47 is high quality. There’s plenty of bulk overseas ammo on the market. Do not allow global political tensions cut off your supply of ammo. Reloading this caliber will ensure plenty of trigger time and our brass is up to the task. All of our 7.62×39 brass is first machine sorted, then hand sorted, hand inspected and then finally counted. Our hand inspection checks to make sure you have reloadable brass. We cull out the Berdan primed brass?and give you only boxer primed brass. Also, we check for?crushed necks and case bodies with heavy dents and/or creases. Our mission is to always offer first class once fired brass and this can only be done with proper inspections.

Does your 7.62×39 brass for your AK-47 need bulk bullets? We carry the Hornady 123 grain FMJ. If you need a bulk bullet that is not listed on our site, let us know. We have access to all the major brands at some of the best prices on the net.  Our 7.62×39 brass is available in 250 count quantities. Remember to fill the USPS flat rate boxes to maximize shipping costs. Combine this order with either bullets or another once fired caliber.


  • 250 count

  • 7.62 x 39?Once fired brass.

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • All boxer primed brass, NO BERDAN cases

  • Sourced From Indoor Range


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