223 Brass | 5.56 Brass


.223 / 5.56 100% Brass, Indoor range quality, Mixed Military / Commercial Headstamp

Cleaning Option

Have us tumble clean your brass in corn / walnut media.

223 Brass | 5.56 Brass

Our once fired 223 brass | 5.56 brass is perfect for your favorite semi-automatic AR15! Rounding out our top 4 bulk brass calibers, our once fired 223 556 Brass brass originates from indoor ranges. All of our once fired brass is machine and magnetically sorted to ensure you receive 100% brass cartridges.  This brass is mixed commercial and military headstamps, and is bulk packaged by weight using calibrated counting scales.  Each order will include a few extra cases to ensure you receive an accurate count or to make up for the occasional damaged case.

Ever wonder how many of our .223/5.56 cases are in a pound, we estimate it to be 72 or 73 depending on the mix of brands.

Most of our customers choose the cleaning option. We take pride in our process, and deliver you lube-ready brass which looks great and will save you the hassle of dealing with the dust.

Product Features

  • 556 Brass / 223 Brass

  • Unprocessed / Dirty

  • Mixed Commercial & Military Headstamp

  • May contain crimped primers

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Sourced From Indoor Ranges

  • Extra included

Product Advisement

This brass is sold as USED, RAW, DIRTY and contains cartridges from various commercial and NATO manufacturers; some of which may contain a crimped primer.  As of early 2022, we are seeing a small percentage (~10%) of IK21 headstamp (easily identified by its red primer sealant) which feature a smaller flash hole many reloaders are not familiar with.  These cases are perfectly reloadable, however we recommend the use of a tapered or small decapping pin.  If you have any concerns, please contact us before purchase.  
Caliber .223 Rem | 5.56 NATO
Headstamp Various | Commercial & Military
Quality Once Fired, Used
Source Indoor Range
Loaded Ammo? No



Armorally.com also offers some of the best prices on the net for the Hornady 55gr FMJ-BT w/Cannelure bulk bullets. Pair our bulk 223 556 brass with these bullets for great low-cost reloading components so you can spend more time at the range shooting those high capacity magazines.

Take advantage of our extensive list of once fired brass and bulk bullets to maximize your shipping boxes. Mix and match and our website will calculate the shipping costs for you.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A

Once Fired


5.56 NATO

Brass Type

Once Fired – Commercial

Component Type

Bulk, Rifle

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