44 Magnum Brass


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44 Magnum Brass

Are you looking for New Starline 44 Magnum Brass?

The 44 Magnum or also known as the .44 Remington Magnum is a hard hitting handgun caliber. This caliber can be used for all North American game up to an elk. It has even been used to take down elephants, but that depends on shot placement and skill. The .44 Magnum is traditionally a revolver caliber. However, manufacturers make carbines to shoot this caliber. It is a good round for brush hunting. Hunters will load up heavier flat point bullets for these hunting areas. Data shows that 100 yards pushes the round to the maximum range. Lastly, most know this caliber from a famous movie character. Dirty Harry carried this caliber in his Smith and Wesson Model 29.

Our 44 Magnum brass is mixed commercial headstamp. All brass comes from?an indoor range. ? This brass spends little time on the ground and will clean up very quickly. If you prefer Arm or Ally to clean your brass, please let us know. There would only be a?small up charge in price and?you will be pleased with the finished product. All of our premium brass is hand sorted and inspected. This gives you all reloadable brass and no culls. Orders are bagged and shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate Box.

Please see our bullets page for bulk projectiles. If we don’t have what you need to load the .44 Magnum, please just ask. We have access to all major manufacturers and top quality cast bullets.

Lastly, look to combine orders to save on shipping. We use flat rate boxes so fill up the boxes with some of our other products.


  • 44 Magnum aka .44 Rem Mag

  • Unprocessed / Uncleaned pistol brass

  • Mixed Commercial Headstamp

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Sourced From an Indoor Range



Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A

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44 Mag

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Once Fired – Commercial

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