40 S&W Brass | Once Fired 40 Brass

40 S&W Brass | Once Fired 40 Brass


Once Fired, Indoor Range, Commercial Headstamp 40 S&W Brass
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Cleaning Option

Have us clean your order in walnut media!


40 S&W Brass| Once Fired 40 Brass

40 S&W brass is another great caliber we offer in bulk quantities. Our 40 S&W brass once fired 40 Brass is mixed commercial headstamp, fired at indoor ranges and spends very little time on the ground. Purchasing bulk brass from us allows you to know that our pistol brass originates from an indoor range and cleans up with minimal effort in your tumbler. This allows the reloader to devote more time to making ammo and not cleaning brass. Our once fired?40 S&W?brass does not contain any nickel cases or primer?crimps.

The 40 s&w brass is packaged in 1000 count quantity bags that are filled to 101% by weight and shipped in a USPS Flat Rate Box. We always provide extra brass in each order to cover any culls or defects. If you need to save time, we also offer our brass cleaning service to clean your brass in walnut media for a small additional cost. See cleaning options below and your 40 brass will be ready for your press straight from the box.

Our once fired?40 S&W?brass is available in 1000, 2500, 4000, and 5000 piece orders all the way up to our 55 gallon drum quantities. Stock up for the winter reloading season or those rainy days. Remember to get the most out of shipping costs, by ordering in 2500, and 4000ct quantities.

Want to save time?prefer processed 40 S&W brass, please visit our sister company Texas Brassworks to purchase ready to reload brass. Reloaders love it!

Commercial reloaders who are wanting to make bulk purchases, please contact us at support@armorally.com so we can better assist you.


  • 40 S&W?Brass

  • Once fired

  • Unprocessed / Dirty

  • Low-Cull Rate

  • Mixed Commercial Headstamp

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Sourced From an Indoor Range



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Once Fired


40 S&W

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Once Fired – Commercial