308 PMC Headstamp Brass


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308 PMC Headstamp Brass

Our 308 PMC Headstamp once fired brass is a great starting point for your handloads. The brass originates from a civilian indoor range; no machine gun brass. Also, our .308 PMC Headstamp brass is truly once fired, with original primers still intact. All this brass is boxer primed and does not contain any Berdan Primers.

The brass is first machine sorted, then hand sorted by caliber, then resorted by headstamp, then final sorted for defects or culls. Our 308 PMC Headstamp brass is inspected for dented necks, damaged bodies, or heavily nicked rims. Arm or Ally is proud to offer high quality rifle brass!

Need some great bulk bullets for your brass, please take a look at our selection. We carry bullets from all the major manufacturers such as Hornady?, Sierra, and Nosler. This brass spends little time on the ground. Our 308 PMC Headstamp brass cleans with little effort. If you would like us to clean your brass, no problem,? just select the option below. Orders are bagged and shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate?box. 500 cases fit in a Regional A Box?and 1000 cases fit a Medium Flat Rate Box (best value)!


    • 250 pieces

    • 100% PMC Headstamp

    • Unprocessed

    • All boxer primed brass, NO BERDAN

    • Commercial brass, no military brass

    • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

    • Sourced From an Indoor Range


Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in

Once Fired


308 Win

Component Type


Brass Type

Once Fired – Commercial

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