303 British Rifle Brass


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303 British Brass

The 303 British was first made in Britain as a black powder caliber. This brass is a bottleneck rim design. The?round has been used in rifles and machine guns. The cartridge was primarily a military based caliber. ?It later gained in popularity with hunters around the world. Several types of military based bullets were made for the 303 British. ?Tracer, armor piercing aka API, as well as incendiary have been loaded for the 303 British. ?These bullets are not made today, but could be found at gun shows. Most of the big commercial ammo manufacturers sell a?large selection of bullets. These bullets are made?target shooters and hunters. Those bullets range from full metal jacket, hollow point, soft point and boat tail design. ?There are many bullet weights offered as well. ?This?gives reloaders plenty of choices. Also, bullet manufacturers offer different?bullet?designs?for precision rifle shooters. 303 British bullets are also available?to those just focused on hunting. ? Most rifles chambered in .303 British are military based. Reloaders need to be?aware of loose rifle?chambers. Always read published and trusted sources for reloading data.

Our 303 British brass is mixed commercial headstamp. Most of the brass?comes from indoor ranges. Arm or Ally inspects each case. We cull out berdan primers, crushed necks, and damaged case bodies. We also?remove tarnished?cases. ??The brass you receive will clean up easily will very little effort. Orders are shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate Boxes.

This is difficult brass to keep in stock. Availabilities are limited through the year. If we do not have it in stock, please join our waiting list. When the 303 British brass is in stock, it moves fast. Please consider combining orders with our products. This allows?you to fill the box and lowers your per unit cost. Interested in a bulk bullet, just ask. We have access to plenty of bulk bullets in a range of calibers.


  • 303 British

  • Unprocessed / Uncleaned brass.

  • Mixed Commercial Headstamp

  • Brass is hand sorted.

  • Brass is hand inspected for damaged cases.

  • All boxer primers

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Sourced From Indoor / Outdoor Ranges


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions N/A

Once Fired


303 British

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Once Fired – Commercial

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