300 Winchester Mag Rifle Brass


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300 Winchester Mag Rifle Brass

The 300 Winchester Magnum also known as the .300 Win Mag. This caliber?is a popular North American cartridge. First of all,?it is designed?with a?belted and bottlenecked case. ?The 300Win Mag?rifle brass is based off the .375 H&H Magnum. That parent case has been blown out, shortened, and necked down to accept a .30 caliber bullet. ?It?was first introduced by Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1963 as a member of the family. The .300 Winchester Magnum fits in a standard length action. As a result, the .300 Winchester Mag?is used throughout?many shooting disciplines.

The cartridge is popular among?hunters, target shooters, military units, and law enforcement departments. Hunters find that the cartridge has an?all around hunting use. To this day, the Win Mag remains the most popular .30 caliber magnum cartridge?with American hunters. ?So it is a popular selection for hunting larger game such as the elk, moose,?and bighorn sheep. ?Most of all?it delivers?great long?distance performance. This is achieved?with better bullet weights than most other .30 caliber cartridges. In additions, the military and local law enforcement departments?use the cartridge for long range sniping and marksmanship. Due to its accuracy, the .300 Winchester Magnum?has won?several 1,000-yard competitions. As a result,?some shooters use it in Precision Rifle Matches.

Our 300 Winchester Mag brass is a combination of WIN MAG FC300. ?Also, we have a small selection of mixed headstamp (Winchester, RP, Barnes, Frontier, FGMM, Hornady, Norma and possibly others). Please select from several different options. ? Lastly, we also offer polishing and annealing services.

Pair this brass with our bulk bullets?from the most popular manufacturers. Arm or Allyoffers a wide selection of .30 caliber bullets.

  • 50 Count

  • 300 Winchester Mag

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300 Win Mag


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