Once Fired 300 Win Mag Brass


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Once Fired 300 Win Mag

Genuine Military 300 Win Mag brass is true once fired, thick-walled, and sourced directly from U.S. Military firing ranges. This brass contains mixed military headstamps. We magnetically remove all steel cases and do our best to remove noticeably unusable cases during our packaging process. Just in case, we include a 1% overage to ensure a good count. Military 300 Win Mag brass is a great starting point for your reloads, and even match quality brass with the proper sorting technique and case preparation. All military brass has crimped primers which will need to be removed before inserting a new primer. Swaging or reaming is necessary on all Military 300 Win Mag brass we sell. This brass is reliable and capable of many reloads under the right conditions. 

We also offer cleaning services for almost all of our once-fired brass calibers. Let us cover our shop in dust, and deliver lube-ready brass to you for a fair price.  If available, the options are above.

**This is NOT Loaded Ammunition**

Product Information

Box Qty


Brass Type

Once Fired – Commercial


300 Win Mag

Component Type



Dirty, Once Fired, Unprocessed






50ct Federal Headstamp, 50ct Mix Headstamp


Before MAKING your purchase, please carefully review the information below.

We take pride in offering a diverse selection of used, raw, and uncleaned brass for reloading enthusiasts. Brass purchased from us is in its authentic, used condition.

Condition of Brass:

  • Our brass is categorized as "Once-Fired" and, as such, may exhibit dents, scratches, or other minor visual imperfections. These blemishes are purely cosmetic and do not hinder the brass's reloadability or performance.
  • Expect variations in appearance and condition, reflecting the brass's journey and history.
  • A portion of our brass may feature crimped primers. While these instances are typically minimal, we cannot guarantee an order devoid of crimped primer cases or predict the exact proportion within your purchase.

Setting Expectations:

  • If you are seeking brass with a condition akin to new or specifically desire cases fired from precision instruments like a Remington 700 Bolt Action, we suggest exploring options for purchasing new brass to meet your exacting standards.

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