30-06 Springfield (R P)

30-06 Springfield (R P)


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30-06 Springfield Brass

The?30-06 Springfield (Remington) brass only?is one of the most popular rifle?calibers ever designed. Reloaders are able to push the charge weights?of powder during reloading sessions. This practice can make the .30-06?performance close to many magnum style?ammo. ?Typical powder charges similar to the original government spec keeps this round close to the?upper limit of comfortable recoil. This charge weight allows shooters to shoot multiple rounds down range. Also, it doesn’t?harm the meat on typical game such as deer. When using common load data, the 30-06 Springfield Winchester brass only?is perfect for any small or large heavy animals found throughout this country. ?This caliber’s?power and surplus have kept the round as one of the most popular for both hunting and target shooting.

Our 30-06 Springfield brass is?Remington headstamp only. The brass is sourced from?an indoor and outdoor?ranges?and is?once fired. ? This brass spends little time on the ground. Because of this, the brass will clean up with?very?little effort. Orders are bagged and shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate Box. Before bagging up the brass, we hand inspect the brass to cull out defects. We try our best to deliver top quality brass to reload.

We also sell a variety of bulk bullets for this caliber. Take a look over at our bullets page. If you don’t see something in stock and would like it, please let us know. As always, fill up the box to maximize shipping costs.

Our 30-06 Springfield brass is Remington headstamp, once fired from indoor and outdoor ranges. ? This brass spends little time on the ground,? and cleans up with little effort. Orders are bagged and shipped in a reinforced USPS Flat Rate Box.


  • 250 pieces

  • 100% Remington Headstamp

  • 30-06 Springfield

  • Unprocessed / Not cleaned

  • Brass is hand sorted and hand counted

  • Brass is visually checked for defects and dented necks.

  • 100% Brass (No Steel / Aluminum)

  • Sourced From Indoor / Outdoor Ranges


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30-06 Springfield

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