Radian Raptor

Manufactured from the best aircraft-quality 7075 aluminum and finished with an anodized Mil-Spec Type III hardcoat the Radian Raptor ambidextrous charging handles are built in true ambidextrous design with latches on both sides of the handle allowing easy operation with either hand.   Deep serrations and slightly forward angle of the charging handle ensure a secure grip.

Raptor charging handles are run through more than a million cycles to ensure a high quality, durable charging handle you can have full confidence in. In an age where AR’s are getting smaller and lighter, Radian charging handles are offered in several models and colors to suit your individual style and shooting needs.

A charging handle is an interactive part of your rifle where, if broken, your rifle is inoperable.  Why risk an immitation or inferior product when you can purchase with Arm or Ally at some of the best pricing available.

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