PayPal accepted?

As of 18 October, we no longer accept PayPal as a form of Payment.  This action is a result of Paypal’s refusal to process our payments because of their ‘Brand Risk’ Department who sent us the following message.  As a result, we will be navigating away from PayPal.  We still accept all major credit cards, and we’ll continue to seek PayPal alternatives which offer our customers secure transactions and ease of use.

Dear Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx,
We have recently reviewed your PayPal account activity and determined that
you are in violation of PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy regarding your sales
or offers on

Please refer to transaction/s: xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxx
As a result, your account has been limited temporarily.

To help us resolve this, you will need to:
– Remove those items from that violate
PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy. Example/s: Ammunition, Upper Receivers.
– Submit the online Acceptable Use Policy affidavit. Here’s how: Log in to
your PayPal account and go to our Resolution Center. Click “Resolve” under
“Acceptable Use Policy.” Please read the content of the PayPal User
Agreement and type “I agree” and/or click “Agree.”

Instead of having to remove certain items or PayPal altogether, you may
choose the following alternative/s:
– Split your payments on This means that
you will need to remove or deactivate PayPal as a payment option for the
violating items outlined above. In this case, PayPal would only be
permitted as a payment option on those items that are in compliance with
our Acceptable Use Policy.
The PayPal User Agreement, which you read and accepted when you created
your account, states that PayPal, at its sole discretion, reserves the
right to limit an account for any violation of the PayPal User Agreement,
including the Acceptable Use Policy.

Under the Acceptable Use Policy, PayPal at its discretion, may not be used
to send or receive payments for firearms or weapons, which include but are
not limited to:
Firearms – Includes all rifles, shotguns, and handguns, whether they are
intended for use in sporting, as collectibles, or as curio and relic
firearms. These items are prohibited regardless of their present working
Firearm parts – Includes, but is not limited to, receivers and frames,
silencers, kits designed to convert a firearm to automatic firing
capability, a magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds, multi-burst
trigger activators and camouflaging firearm containers.
Ammunition – Includes ammunition with propellant, such as gunpowder or
blank ammunition. Ammunition is defined as ammunition or cartridge cases,
primers, bullets, or propellant powder designed for any firearm.
PayPal allows transactions for paintball guns, blank guns, and air-soft
guns as permitted by law in the applicable jurisdiction. These items must
display all markings required by law, must not be convertible to shoot a
lethal projectile, and must not include blank ammunition.

You can view the complete PayPal Acceptable Use Policy by clicking the
“Legal” link at the bottom of any PayPal page and clicking “PayPal
Acceptable Use Policy”. You can also find some more information on the
PayPal Acceptable Use Policy on our Help Center.
This is not intended to be an all-inclusive review or list of your
website/s and auction/s. Furthermore, the violations of the Policy
described above are not intended to be an all-inclusive list. The user is
responsible for ensuring all transactions comply with the Acceptable Use
For more information about the status of your account and for instructions
on how to restore full use of your account, please log in to your PayPal
account and select the “Resolution Center” link. On the next page select
the “Resolve” button/s located under the Action column, in the Steps to
Provide More Information section and follow the applicable instructions.
We encourage you to login and resolve this as soon as possible. Should
access to your account remain limited for an extended period of time, it
may result in a permanent limitation.
Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. If you have any
questions, please contact the PayPal Brand Risk Management Department at
PayPal, Brand Risk Management

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